Why flame.gg is a big scam

Why flame.gg is scam ?
Zeph made Flame.gg. In the beginning, it was a real working robux website. We could withdraw giftcards after making offers and earning points. Flame.gg was a nice website with nice people. It’s been months now flame.gg is out of stock. When you will withdraw your robux gift card it won’t work. If you get 3000 points this message will display.

Don’t worry there’s actually a website that works click on the link and make offers to earn points: https://rocash.com/?ref=101801764271023134522

Do surveys, complete offers, watch video. I think Rocash is the best robux website ever and flame.gg sucks. Spam this article into flame.gg website and discord server to tell people FLAME.GG IS A BIG SCAM ! 

If you use prizerebel you can use your points to withdraw a lot of gift cards like Roblox cards discord nitro google play cards Amazon ect. Comes at 970 pts to 1000. Plus, prizerebel is always in stock.

Other Legitimate Ways To Get Robux

You can also spend your own money to get free robux but I don’t recommend it. I’ve made a list of working robux website ! Be sure that are those robux website works.


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