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1. Watch the video to see the question about history, then click on the correct answer below.  The question is: who was the first president of the United States?).
  • A (Thomas Jefferson)
  • B (Abraham Lincoln)
  • C (James Monroe)
  • D (George Washington)
2. Let’s find out about your knowledge of geography. Hit ‘Play’ and answer the question. The question is:what is the capital of Ireland?
  • A (Limerick)
  • B (Belfast)
  • C (Dublin)
  • D (Cork)
3. Are you an avid reader? Then this question should be a piece of cake for you! (The question is: which of these authors is the odd one out?)
  • A – George Orwell
  • B – Lewis Carroll
  • C – Douglas Adams
  • D – James Herriot
4. You’ve already made it halfway through the quiz. Keep watching and see if you can answer this question about physics. The question is: which of these nebulae is the odd one out?
  • C
  • D
5. Have a look at this video about biology – can you answer the question? The question is: which of the following animals is the odd one out?
  • A – Cow
  • B – Giraffe
  • C – Pig
  • D – Hippopotamus
  • E – Camel
  • F – Rhinoceros
6. How much do you know about art? Hit ‘Play’ and answer the question. The question is: look at this detail of a painting. Which artist created it?

  • A – Henri Matisse
  • B – Vassily Kandinsky
  • C – Vincent van Gogh
  • D – Edvard Munch
  • E – Gerhard Richter
  • F – Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
7. Final question! This time it’s about chemistry. Do you think you can answer it? The question is: what kind of molecule is depicted here?
  • A – Dopamine
  • B – Enteramine
  • C – Epinephrine
  • D – Diethadione
  • E – Noradrenaline
  • F – Cytosine


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